Sinteza 3D Services pricing 2024


How much does 3D outsourcing cost?

Every project has unique needs. For the most accurate pricing, we offer customized quotes tailored to your specific requirements. Here’s a look at our starting prices to give you a general idea:

*Starting prices shown. Prices may change in the future.

Architecture visualization

3D Plan View

USD $249

2 days turnaround time


USD $349*

3-4 days turnaround time


USD $549*

~1 week turnaround time

Architectural Render Exterior (large scale)

USD $749*

~3 weeks turnaround time

Architectural Aerial View

USD $649

~2 weeks turnaround time

Architectural animation

USD $1.000 / minute

~2 weeks turnaround time

Currently unavailable*

Interactive projects (Unreal Engine)

Starting at USD $5.000

~4 weeks

Currently unavailable*

*Render prices are for a single image. Additional images for the same scene are priced at 25% of the first image.

Architectural animation and interactive projects are not available at this time. Please get in touch if you need it now for a particular project.

Products and marketing renders

Small scale object renders

(Food produts, appliances, technological gadgets, small furniture, etc.)

USD $449*

3-4 days turnaround time

Large scale object/vehicle renders

USD $649*

~1-2 weeks turnaround time

For real-world products, you can either send us an official CAD model (best), or we can model the object from blueprints or photos (longer turnaround time).

Render prices are for a single image. Additional images of the scene cost 25% of the first one.

What influences the final price?

Those are the starting prices. The details of your particular project may change the final price. Some things to have into account:

  • How finished is the concept/plans
  • How large is the space
  • How many rooms
  • Desired image resolution
  • Complexity of custom objects
  • For characters and props: what’s the final output (game or film quality assets)

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