Product Renders & Marketing


Our product renders offer a cost-effective way to support sales, showcase unique features and achieve effects that are impossible with real photos.

why PRODUCT Renders?

A virtual photo shooT

We create a controlled environment, so that the image appears as good as it can. Using a realistic backdrop with lots of details. All in all, we show your product’s best side.

At the same time, you can control the time of day, the location, the props, and the lighting of the session.

MODELING DETAILS of product renders

Images designed to confuse the most critical eye

We reproduce objects from the real world up to the smallest detail, be it surface or geometry, in order to get photorealistic images. Because we add subtle imperfections, it’s easier to show the objects in the real world.


Achieve real life results

We can run physics simulations to get the most realistic results possible. We can control all the variables virtually, so as a result, we can achieve plausible results in less time than trying to do it manually.

Use simulations to showcase your food products, or the dust coming off the wheels of your car in the middle of a drive.

Pictured: More than 300 thousand powder particles simulated to achieve this effect

Target Markets

Are you in one of these industries? We can help you.


Show your product with clean renders and controlled lighting. We put special care on the finish and materials of the products, so it always looks professional.


Forget about the hassle of photographing products. Create renders with the right angle and the best lighting. Plus, you get ready to use transparent backgrounds. See how Sinteza can help you in your Web Agency.


Create renders of your food products designed to look more appealing. Whether it’s solids like cookies or chocolates, or liquids like milk and drinks, we deliver images ready to use in packaging or advertising.


Convince investors with a vision of what the finished product will be.


We create a virtual version of your hand crafted products. Perfect images that show the work in the best light.


We create catalog-quality images for your custom furniture, taking into account the materials and precise finish, to give your customers the final push to a sell.

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