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Art Outsourcing

We give your studio a hand

We provide art outsourcing and support to animation studios in tasks like modeling and texturing of characters, environments and props.

We provide art outsourcing services so your team can focus on what’s more important. For this purpose, we work with your guidelines and adapt to your studio’s needs.

Character Modeling

Giving life to your masterpiece

With a long experience modeling characters for games and commercials, so we can handle everything you need. Humans, robots or creatures, whatever the shot needs. Our models and textures are made with the same level of detail as an environment or architectural render.

Art Outsourcing for Characters
Art Outsourcing for props modeling

Props modeling

Set dressing

We model and texture hero or secondary props for games and commercials.

We work with your team to realize their designs in 3 dimensions. The Art Director is king, so the right color palettes and references are used. After that, it’s a back and forth until getting the best result.


Helping you on set

We model and texture environments with the greatest amount of detail. We show the story of the place in the surfaces too. And just like we do with props, we work with your team’s creatives to finish the job.

Art Outsourcing for environments

Target Markets

Are you in one of these industries? We can help you.

Video game Studios

We work with your concept artists to get a faithful representation of your characters and props. All optimized for use in realtime engines.

Animation studios

Let us take some of the burden of producing your animated masterpieces. We can take on concept, modeling, or texturing duties to free time for your staff.

Web development agencies

Let’s create some models together for use in hero images, explainer videos and product shots.

VFX Houses

Let’s work together in creating the assets to populate your VFX scenes.

Production companies

We can help you with custom modeling to tighten up a shot, or for some easier VFX shots that don’t need a specialized company to create.

Advertising agencies

Avoid large scale, costly, product photography sessions. Instead, let us create awesome shots to mesmerize your client. You put the creative, we put the work.


We adjust to your technical pipeline

We know each studio has its own production pipeline. Because of that, we adjust to the software, visual style, and deliverables of your particular production.


  • 3DS Max
  • Maya
  • Blender
  • Zbrush
  • Substance Painter


  • Arnold
  • Redshift
  • Corona
  • Cycles
  • Unreal Engine Path Tracing
  • Twinmotion Path Tracing
  • Unreal Engine Realtime Lumen


  • Hard Surface Modeling
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Manual Retopology
  • 32 bit Displacement Maps
  • UDIM Texturing
  • Megascans integration
  • Version Control (Perforce, SVN, Github)
  • Project Management (Basecamp)


  • Final images (renders)
  • Assets (models, textures)
  • Source Files (Substance Painter, Zbrush, etc.)
  • Scenes (Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema4D)

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